“Scholarly and exciting, told with dramatic flair, this story of a good man who apparently made a conscious decision to turn bad is downright mesmerizing….A must for true-crime fans.”
– Booklist Starred Review

“Former FBI agent Conners has fleshed out a gripping tale of one of the most famous murders in American history.”
– American Booksellers Association, BookSense 76 Selection

“A well-written and researched book, Tailspin reads with the excitement and detail of a fast-moving case.”
– Louis J. Freeh, former Director, FBI

“Trailspin is an astonishing work… time well spent for Conners’ reputation as a writer.” – George A. Plimpton, author and editor

“A provocative book…several prominent law enforcement officials praise Conners as a real-life Hercule Poirot.”
– The Los Angeles Times

“A remarkable book which offers startling and compelling new evidence in my father’s case.”
– Sam Reese Sheppard, son of Dr. Sam and Marilyn Sheppard

“What a read!  Brilliant.  Riveting to the last page.”
– Joseph E. Persico, Author Roosevelt’s Secret War, Coauthor My American Journey with Colin Powell

“Tailspin is an intriguing mix of fictional method and dazzling fact…a true-crime nonfiction novel of high order.” 
- William Kennedy, Pulitzer Prize-winning author

“Bernie’s books bind!  They lock you in and say, ‘Don’t you dare put me down until the very last word of the very last page.’  You are guaranteed a compelling read.”  - Robert Danzig, Author/Speaker, Former Vice President & General Manager of Hearst Newspapers

“The strange, unsettling story of an American war hero gone bad.  If this were a novel you’d be tempted to protest the twists and turns as fictional excess.  But Conners is telling the story of an actual person, Major James Call, gifted , charming, lethal, doomed.”
– James Brady, Editor Parade Magazine